Words I try to live by

What if I win?

All those times my soul almost stopped and died
Resistance signified my will to survive
The negativity that surrounds me
Almost infecting everything I believe in
Contaminating my reason for breathing
Yet I still win
The strength always lies within

What if…?
Against all odds
Surviving because of my God
My faith
Why do you think I feel so safe?
What if I win?
Win against the system
That downsizes my capabilities
Drowning my soul in negativity
As if failure was designed specifically for me
Why surround myself with cynical thoughts?
When I should remember what I’ve been taught
That ‘to believe is to achieve’
History has shown
That I am never alone
In my struggles
So I ask
What if I win?

Will my persistence inspire?
Inspire the desire
To win regardless
As I remember how I got this started
I saw another way
I bowed before the Lord to pray
I prayed for the truth
I prayed for the elusive light
When I awoke in the morrow
I was blessed with insight
Now I no longer accept defeat
I walk the street
As if I own it
I walk with certainty
As I gather doses of prosperity
Small amounts that give me hope
Hope for a brighter tomorrow
And no matter what I do
Or all the struggles I’ve been through
I search within
And ask myself this question:
What if I win?

Written by Nigel Mugamu

1 You always reap what you sow. 2 You reap more than you sow. 3 You reap in a different season than u sow. Plant good seeds. – Rick Warren

‘I realised early on that success was tied to not giving up. Most people in this business gave up and went on to other things. If you simply didn’t give up, you would outlast the people who came in on the bus with you.’  – Harrison Ford


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11 Responses “Words I try to live by” →
  1. Beautiful words as always Nige. I hope that all of our brothers and sisters on the continent can be inspired to blaze the same trail… Blessings, Mama

  2. truly inspiring, love the poem, just what i need right now

  3. it really is an inspiring piece


  4. Bhekimpilo


    awesome SirNige. your piece nows keeps 2 going!

  5. awesome…thanks for this

  6. Truly inspiring words of wisdom my friend!


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