About Me

‘Life is a journey and not a destination’ or so I’ve heard. This is part of my journey…What began as a simple blog to house my art eventually turned into a hub where my various thoughts are documented and displayed. I discuss life in general, my constant love affair with Zimbabwe and indeed the continent as a whole. I am absolutely in love with the entrepreneurial journey – constantly reading about it and trying in my own way to live it. I guess this blog documents my journey – walk with me for a while….

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  1. Greetings Sir Nige 🙂 I’m looking forward to walking with you through your blog…see you in the comments!

  2. Hey Nigel… Have just spent nearly 3 hours on your website going through the articles and content… It’s a great read and a great journey and also very encouraging and inspiring!! Thank you very much…hope to speak to you soon.

    • Mr Sadomba, Thank you for passing through and spending some time here.Your kind words are humbling indeed. Feel free to drop by whenever you can my brother, I’ve always got something to say especially about Zim & Africa in general 🙂


  3. Bonnie


    Wow… Can i just say i am moved by the your inspiring words.. keep up the good work and thanks for sharing..looking forward to walking with you throughout your journey…

  4. i dont know how i ended up on this page but it was thru twitter, i have spent a good hour reading this blog and i am sooo glad i bumped into this one. thank you for the inspiring words and the thought provoking issues. we need more people like you in, will continue reading and hopefully will gain a lot from this. THANK YOU SIR NIGEL, youre a blessing to Zimbabwe and Africa!

    • Thank you so much Mel.Really appreciated your comments. Just trying to engage and share.That’s why I blog.


  5. Rehema Eton


    Hallo Graca my name is Rehema, a single mother of one from Northern Uganda. I would like to benefit from your scholarship scheme to a cquire a PhD in the field of education. How can I be helped.
    Yours sincerely Rehema. (rehemaeton@yahoo.com), 0785-419073

    • Please contact the people directly involved in the programme – I am unfortunately just a blogger who loves sharing such opportunities with others. Good luck 🙂

  6. will come along with you some way into the future. the journey lives on, stay on it.

  7. Cudos! This blog is awesome. And great that you made that up and coming list. I’m proud to have the same passport as you mate.

  8. Nice blog Sir


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