The #MiniSkirtMarch on 4 Oct 2014

Posted on 03/10/2014


I first caught wind of this #MiniSkirtMarch via a Zimbabwe Mail article on Thursday morning. I’ve heard horrendous stories of women and young girls who are stripped naked for simply leaving their homes wearing the clothes they chose to wear that day and only for some random man or a group of men to attack and undress them. Why? Simply because the skirt is deemed too short and inappropriate by their standards. The obvious thing for these men is to simply undress these women in public. Seems logical to you right? I don’t think so. Women should be allowed to wear what they want.

As a father, I would be more than upset if anyone touched my daughter and undressed her in public. WHO are these men who automatically assume the role I play as her father when advising my daughter on the length of the skirt, the colour of the shoes and so forth before she leaves our home? How dare they lay their hands on someone’s else daughter, someone’s else niece or aunt? How dare they? What sort of society do we live in when we think that sexual harassment is perfectly normal? I have news – it’s not! Sadly, too often a victim is ‘selected’ and undressed and many of us simply walk by as if this behaviour is normal – what sort of society is that?

I was intrigued by some of the responses to this planned march. Here are some these responses to the #MiniSkirtMarch via twitter:

Many have objected to the march in favour of ‘other’ priorities in our society. Yes they are right, we also have other priorities. My advice is for those who oppose the #MiniSkirtMarch is to organise their own marches focused on those priorities (ZESA, water, service delivery and so forth). Please notify us of the dates, times and venue and we will also attend those marches. Till then I will support this #MiniSkirtMarch because there is NO room for sexual harassment. Sexual harassment is wrong – simple!

Kudos to those organising this event around this important and often ignored societal issue.

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