#VisitZimbabwe: Changa Safari Camp Site Inspection

Posted on 03/11/2013


Changa Safari LogoThe Changa team came to Umbozha to collect our group for the site inspection shortly after our arrival at Palm Bay.  After the boat ride we were met by the manager, had welcome drinks and the orientation of Changa Safari Camp. Changa is located in the Matusadona National Park on the shores of Lake Kariba. Changa makes excellent use of the abundant natural habitat available. The accommodation itself consists of luxury tented suites each with an outside shower and bath nestled in this private concession.  

Changa is simply beautiful.  It was a real shame that I didn’t get to stay there throughout the trip but based on what I saw that day, Changa is definitely on the bucket list for me. Great thought and indeed investment went into this new camp. The manager informed us that Changa was still in its first year of operation. There was a certain warmth, beauty and wealth of intricate detail in and around the camp itself.

The manager took us around as we first headed to the double room. It was beautiful and well-arranged. The hammock on the veranda, the outdoor shower and bath did it for me! Once inside the tent (because it is a tent), it was fairly easy to forget this simple fact. The room had a queen-sized bed with a seating area. The furniture, in particular, the side table was really nice and added a unique touch. There was a proper indoor shower and toilet in this tented room. Essentially that visit to Changa gave me so many home design ideas just from that very room – it was that good!

We walked throughout the rest of the camp and headed towards the family room. It had a similar feel to the previous room we had just seen although the colour scheme was different and there was an extra room with 2 single beds. The structure of the room was the same with the desk, indoor shower, the closet, the bathroom and of course the veranda, outdoor shower and bath tub.

We walked to the common area i.e. the main lounge, dining room and bar. We quickly took stock of this area. The main lounge was particularly well thought out with interesting pieces, texture and functionality. I discovered that there was a central place to charge one’s mobile phone and camera. Shortly after that we headed straight to the pool area.

The view once we got there was S-T-U-N-N-I-N-G! It is important to note that Changa is situated on the shore of the lake with remarkable views.My photos below don’t do the view any real justice. Go see it for yourself.

We walked around as we asked questions and took in Changa for the beautiful place that it is. The manager offered us a drink as we continued on our site inspection. Walking around the main area, I had to keep reminding myself that we were in the middle of the bush and yet the team at Changa has found a way to infuse the natural habitat with all this infrastructure. Well done to them!

As the sun was setting, we knew that our time was up and we had to leave Changa for Umbozha. We walked down the same path we had used and made our way to the Changa boat. We said our goodbyes to the hospitable Changa team and left. Once on board the boat, the sun set and I took one last picture before our Changa adventure had come to an end.

Lake Kariba Sunset on the Changa Safari Camp Boat

Lake Kariba Sunset on the Changa Safari Camp Boat

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