Event: @FewKings263 Twitter Interview This Wednesday at 11am

Posted on 21/10/2013


As reported by 3-mob.com, the hip hop group Few Kings to due to release their much-anticipated album – The Feeling Aint Fair this Wednesday at 6pm CAT.

As we patiently wait for The Feeling Aint Fair album release, I will interview @FewKings263 via twitter THIS Wednesday at 11am CAT. Please follow the interview by following @263Chat including @TehnDiamond, @jnrbrown263, @takefizzo and more importantly @FewKings263.

Few Kings Pic

I know some of you will have your questions for them about their album and the journey thus far. Please feel free to send your WhatsApp messages or questions to the @263Chat Telecel line +263 73 263CHAT (2428), find @263Chat on Facebook or Twitter.