@ZanuPF_Official Manifesto Broken Down

Posted on 17/09/2013


I waited patiently for cabinet to be announced but in the mean time I finished reading through Zanu’s manifesto and made a few notes under each section to summarise a few points. In my way, this will provide a guide for me regarding their direction and focus for the next 5 years.

Flag of ZANU-PF


Indigenisation and empowerment. Total independence and sovereignty over & ownership of national resources.

Key Issues:                  

Indigenisation, economic empowerment & independence


1138 foreign-owned organisations over the next 5 years. This realises $7.3 billion in assets that would then be used as security against borrowings. Bringing back the Zimbabwe dollar while maintaining multi-currency system.


Indigenisation policy is going to create more than 2 million jobs & grow the economy by an annual 9% each year by 2018.

Infrastructure & Transport: 

Rehabilitation of national roads, railway network & airports.


Every policy seeks equality as an aspiration of the liberation struggle, economically empower woman & build strong families.


Fostering a patriotic youth that is prepared to defend the national heritage. By establishing a 25% quota as a threshold for their participation across all sectors of the state & economy.


Education is already good but we want education for all. Build schools in needy districts especially resettlement areas.


Build clinics in needy districts especially resettlement areas.

Human Rights:  

Respect for value & ideals of the liberation struggle, people’s freedom & democracy to define the individual living together in peace.


Housing for all. Reduce the urban housing backlog by urgently regularising the tenure of urban dwellers that are allocated housing & commercial stands. New parliament complex & markets & low-income houses.


More police stations & defending Zim’s sovereignty is vital to security policy.

Mining Sector:   

They value Zim’s mineral reserves at $1.8 trillion. $1.6 trillion is diamond reserves. This is estimated. After Indigenisation policy, this sector will uplift the economy and transform things.

Foreign Policy:   

Engage UK & its EU, US & Commonwealth allies to unconditionally lift illegal sanctions, stop their sustained regime-change agenda & normalise relations with Zim. Cost of illegal sanctions is $42 billion.

Land Management:     

Continue with the land reform plans to improve employment. Indigenisation of land & the employment of newly resettled farmers.


Rehabilitation of existing water infrastructure, investment of better storage & transport of water & rehabilitate rural boreholes.