Guest Post: “Of Service and Country” by @TehnDiamond

Posted on 26/08/2013


RGMSometimes I fear that as citizens of the world we place too much emphasis on government and their role in the well-being of our societies. Particularly, here at home in Zimbabwe, where I live and love. I don’t know how or when it got this way, after all I’ve been here only 28 years while she’s been here 33.

I think particularly in terms of “service” and what we can make possible for each other, long before any government steps in. There is still hunger in my country, there is still poverty. In the same breath, there are still those who eat well and those who live well. Well enough to share, well enough to uplift and empower.

Today, we swear in our president. The nation once again looks to government and pins all her hopes on what they can do for us. It’s a massive moment, of course. But I wonder if maybe JFK was right when he said “Think not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.” ?

I’ve been brushed off as a naive idealist countless times in recent months. But the ideal is what I strive for in all my life, not just for myself but for us all. Today, I still believe that if we take the time to do more daily for each other before even thinking of what a president or a government can do, we truly empower ourselves.

There’s people in need everywhere and tiny sacrifices we can make in ourselves and our daily loves that can impact those lives greatly.

There’s a group of young folk called the “With Love Foundation” and every Tuesday in Mbare, on $60 they are able to feed 200 kids at their soup kitchen. I’ve not been to lend my time yet, but those figures are energising. They speak of hope and put into perspective just how powerful our small effort for each other can be.

Just do the math. If you and 9 others save $2 a day for a month, you can feed 2000 kids. Chump change to some, life changing for others.

I’m gonna go away now and dream up ways that we can do more for our fellow countrymen and women, without waiting on the big-wigs to swoop in and save us. We are powerful beyond measure, even in our weakest moments, because our greatest strength lies within each other.

As the citizens of this great and beautiful land called Zimbabwe, never forget that you don’t need anybody’s vote to go out and make your mark on society. You need only your open heart and a desire to serve.

See you tomorrow.

– TehN