#VisitZimbabwe: @ShearwaterVF Zambezi Sunset Cruise

Posted on 12/08/2013


Shearwater Welcome Dancers

Shearwater Welcome Dancers

At 15:45 the Shearwater courtesy bus arrived at our hotel to pick me up for the much anticipated Shearwater Zambezi Sunset Cruise. After a few stops at some of the hotels and lodges, we finally arrived at the jetty site. We were greeted by the Shearwater staff who welcomed us on-board their vessel. There were some dancers who sang for us while we boarded and took our seats before leaving. There are 2 decks and I decided to sit upstairs to take advantage of the view.

Essentially, the cruise took us to within 3 or 4 kilometres before the Victoria Falls along the Zambezi River. There was so much to see. There are various animals including elephants, crocodiles, hippos, numerous birds and some antelope to name a few.

The team on cruise provide complimentary drinks and plenty of snacks throughout the cruise. There are restrooms for men and women on board. There are several staff on-board to ensure our comfort and they regularly gave updates on any animal sightings as we slowly watch the sun set.

The sun set while I was on the cruise which last over 2 hours. You really have to see it yourself. It is a wonderful thing to experience really. I definitely recommend this activity when visiting the Victoria Falls.

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