@MDCParty 2013 Election Manifesto

Posted on 22/07/2013


MDC Party LogoThe MDC Party was officially launched at Rufaro Stadium in Harare on the 11th  September 1999.

Their manifesto was launched at Siachilaba, Binga on 20th July 2013.

A brief review of their manifesto reveals ‘What the MDC ACTIONS will do’: –

‘MDC will empower citizens through a devolution process where any ordinary citizen can have an input into the decisions affecting her or his life. The MDC is the only party to call for genuine devolution of administrative functions and public services for the following advantages:

  • Saving money and time by walking to the nearest government offices. Thus, no more taking time off to travel to a major city for documents like a passport, driver’s license, birth certificates, road permits and liquor licences.
  • Creation of trust and elimination of corruption and red-tape as local service providers connect with small numbers of stakeholders.
  • Communities benefit from local resources and economic activities in their areas.
  • Industrialisation of rural areas and creation of jobs by value addition of local raw material and natural resources.
  • Promoting democratic, participatory and accountable exercise of political power.
  • Fosters national unity by recognizing diversity.
  • Creates opportunities of self-governance and self-determination,
  • Protects and promotes the interests and rights of minorities and marginalized communities.
  • Spending decisions taken at local levels create more efficiency and impact because they come with practical relevance.
  • Promotion of local languages and cultures as tools for social and economic development.
  • Easy monitoring and evaluation of public service delivery processes.
  • Through direct service provision to local structures, citizens will cease to become mere statistics as they will be considered real stakeholders with feelings.
  • Leaders and public office bearers will become more accountable and efficient for fear of disappointing local stakeholders who wield power’.

For the complete document, please click here: – MDC Party Manifesto