@ZanuPF_Official 2013 Election Manifesto

Posted on 07/07/2013


Flag of ZANU-PFZanu PF launched their manifesto at Zimbabwe Grounds in Highfields Harare on Friday 5th July 2013.

A quick read of their manifesto indicates that some of Zanu PF’s achievements including: –

Zanu PF has indigenised12,117,000 hectares of land which was previously in the hands of 3,500 beneficiaries of colonialism and illegal and racist Rhodesian rule and has resettled 276,600 households that have created over one million jobs that have become a source of livelihood with enormous trickle down effects on the economy’.

For the future, Zanu details how it plans to

create ‘value of US$7,3 billion from the indigenization of 1,138 companies across 14 key sectors of the economy and over US$1,844,223,157,000 created from the idle value of empowerment assets unlocked from parastatals, local authorities, mineral rights and claims and from the State to capacitate Agribank with US$2 billion to finance the stimulation of agricultural productivity’.

For the complete document, please click here: – ZANU-PF-2013 Election Manifesto