@MDCZimbabwe 2013 Election Manifesto

Posted on 07/07/2013


Flag of MDCMDC launches their manifesto at Rudhaka Stadium in Marondera today.

According to the manifesto and ‘since forming the Inclusive Government, the MDC has brought a number of successes, including:

• 4 years of economic growth (following 10 years of economic contraction)

• Reduction of inflation from 231 million per cent to less than 10%

• Adoption of a multi-currency system stabilising the economy

• Improved electricity

• Improved liquid fuel supplies

• Restored normalcy to the banking sector

• A new constitution, including presidential term limits

• Improved access to basic commodities

• Improved access to health care

• Books to our schools and resuscitation to a collapsed education system

• Expanded and improved major roads

• Begun the process of reengaging the international community

• Expanded voting rights

• Restoration of citizenship to previously disenfranchised Zimbabweans

Above all, the MDC’s greatest achievement has been the restoration of hope among the people of Zimbabwe; the realisation that it is possible to have a prosperous Zimbabwe.

According to MDC Manifesto, the manifesto document ‘is a summary of our plan to transform Zimbabwe into a modern, healthy, happy, functional, integrated, democratic and prosperous society’.

For the complete document, please click here: – MDC Manifesto 2013