Event: – The Huddle on 6th July 2013

Posted on 06/07/2013


Huddle is the coming together of brothers and sisters to discuss and deliberate on matters that they may have differing perspectives on and in so doing bring enlightenment to each other and the audience in attendance.

Concept Note: God and Government

Date : Saturday, July 6, 2013

Time:  17.45 Hrs – 19.45 Hrs

Venue: Borrowdale Community Church

Panellists: C.Chiriseri (His Presence Ministries), N.MnKandla(Faith Ministries), M.Chiviya (Inspiration House).

Moderator: S. Mtero

Things to Note

  1. Speakers are expected to give responses in 2min segments
  2. Speakers are expected to address each other with respect