#VisitZimbabwe: The Boma

Posted on 24/06/2013


After our cocktail and a few snacks at the Victoria Falls Safari Club lounge that evening, we jumped into the Boma courtesy bus and made a short trip to The Boma. The Boma Experience starts as you soon as you get there!

Boma Drummer - Entrance

The Boma Drummer at the entrance

We walked very slowly behind a large group of German tourists as we found our way to our table. Getting to the table involved walking by the curio sellers, the lady who helps you wear your ‘chitenge’, past the Amakwezi traditional dancers, who welcome you and invite you to join them in the dancing, through to the guy who paints your face and finally arriving at the entrance of the actual restaurant area. Once your dinner reservation is confirmed, the host walks you to your table. From the time, we departed the courtesy bus to the time we sat at our desk 10 minutes later, we were thoroughly entertained along the way. I see now why friends recommended we have dinner at The Boma and why they described it as an experience.

Our waiter came with the dish and water for us to wash our hands. This was followed by a taste of chibuku beer before we made our way to the get some food. There was a pig on the spit that night. The Boma is renowned for warthog so I had some of that meat with my food along with kudu and crocodile meat. I was trying out various game meat throughout our honeymoon and this night was no exception. Back at our table and eating now, the dancers entertained the crowd with more singing and dancing. Some diners took photos while we continued to eat. It was such an experience!

After the dancing, we wandered back to the buffet for dessert. I opted for the mopani worm instead. The Bomas give diners a certificate for successfully eating a mopani worm. Not to be outdone, I joined that queue and promptly had a small one. I took a larger mopani worm back to our table and ate that one for the camera as you do.  I was of course given my certificate – yet another proud moment in my life. In all this excitement I hadn’t noticed the drum placed right next to my chair in our absence. Enter the next act and I see why they gave us the drums. The next act involved more crowd participation and they taught us the basics of the drum as our instructor sang and drummed away with his crowd. The Boma was indeed an ‘experience’.

With that, we finished our dinner and left for our hotel. That was a really good evening filled with lots of food, great company (naturally) and the entire Boma Experience.

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