Recap: #263Chat Live TweetT@ble Event on 22 May 2013 on How Zim Politicians Use Social Media

Posted on 02/06/2013


On the 22 May 2013 I co-hosted the third #263Chat Live Event with the Dutch Embassy. This was the second time we collaborated to host the #263Chat Live TweetT@ble Event.

The Panel included: –

  • Honourable Minister Saviour Kasukuwere, Minister of Youth, Indigenisation and Empowerment
  • Honourable Minister Jessie Majome, Deputy Minister of Women’s Affairs, Gender and Community Development
  • Nhlanhla Dube– MDC Spokesperson

The event was lively and it very interesting to have 3 representatives from the 3 main parties together in 1 room discussing a common topic i.e. their use of social media. It was almost surreal. From all the news articles, one would imagine a certain level of animosity but there was none of that. There seemed to be a high level of camaraderie amongst them. They laughed and joked as the event proceeded.

The 3 panellists had their own views regarding their use of social media and the benefits they derived. For example Kasukuwere pointed out that his ministry was focused on the youth, therefore he had to make an effort to find out where the youth hang out and interact with them there. Kasukuwere has a Sunday 6pm to 8pm Twitter and Facebook discussion with the youth about issues that pertain to them.

Majome uses it keep in touch with her constituency and update them on the work she’s doing. She also uses social media to find out what areas or issues are troubling the people who live in Harare West i.e. her constituency. For example, if there was a ZESA problem, Majome often finds a ZESA representative to address these problems and reports back to the people affected. I can see how important social media is in her work.

Dube pointed out that as a party, they use social media in their attempt to recruit and gauge the mood of fellow Zimbabweans. They also use it to communicate their party policies and regularly share their views on various social-political matters.

For the link of selected tweets from the event, please click this link: – How Zimbabwean Politicians use Social Media and NewsDay’s article regarding the event: – Politicians must weigh social media activity impact

The photos of the Event: –