Twitter Blanket Drive 2013 by @AmWotIAm #TBD2013

Posted on 22/04/2013


When Melanie Minnaar asked me to run the Twitter Blanket Drive Zimbabwe for 2013 (#TBD2013) of course I said yes. That’s because Melanie is a very hard woman to say No to!  I mean, just check her out – I so enjoyed being involved with her during Twitter Blanket Drive 2012, too – her enthusiasm is tangible!

However, (thanks to Melanie) The Twitter Blanket Drive in SA is HUGE – Melanie has secured support from Big Fish like Pick and Pay, Standard Bank, etc. which makes our task ‘this side’ a tiny bit more daunting!

So, we started 2012 with baby steps, and I made it Zimbabwe’s mission to beat Brakpan. Don’t laugh, it was not easy, but with support and involvement from family and friends, we managed to collect a blanket for every child at Glen Lorne Orpanage in Harare, as well as a large pile for ZSPCA.

2013 has already proved to be a little more challenging. I have been inundated with emails from the needy, asking us to please collect blankets for them this year.

Emails from Childline, Athol Evans Old Age Home, ZSPCA, St Joseph’s Home for Boys, Harare Children’s’ Home, Miracle Missions, ALERT, ROKPA, Arc of God, Mumvurwi Project, New Growth Ministries, The Michael Project, VAWZ, Homefields, the Foundations Project, The Arcadia Community Project, St Agnes’ Home Gokwe, among others, got my head spinning!

We then started getting emails from Zambia – asking us to collect blankets for charities up there too. I had to ask our needy neighbours to please start their own Blanket Drive up there – so lets hope Zambia will be included this year in #TBD2013.

#TBD2013 rules state that all recipients of blankets must have a Twitter account.  To date, the Harare Children’s Home have opened a twitter Account, run by the lovely Niki Kershaw, I so appreciate having Niki out there when my lonely voice says “Is there anybody out there?!”

Others include St Joseph’s Home for Boys, as well as VAWZ, St Agnes’.  Some organisations have heartbreakingly told me they don’t even have the means to go on Twitter.

I have therefore decided to start with collections for Harare Children’s Home, St Joseph’s Home for Boys and VAWZ.  If we are lucky enough to collect more blankets, we will go through the list and donate more.

We were unable to secure a local online supplier of blankets through the TBD2013 SA website, which decreases our chances of blanket / money donations coming to us via those living outside Zimbabwe, so Zimbo’s (or #Twimbos as we are known as on Twitter)  WE ARE ON OUR OWN!

SO – can I ask you to please share this message on your Facebook, Twitter, email, church groups, on your loo door, where ever – and help us to collect blankets for the needy.

Drop off points will be Billy’s Meats Mount Pleasant, Billy’s Borrowdale and Twitter Magnate @SirNige’s shop Blackstone Bookshop Borrowdale. Thank you Sir Nige and Billy Mitchell. Much appreciated.

As we did last year, we will post pictures and stats for you of all blankets collected.  You can find me on Twitter handle @AmWotIAm.  This is what makes the #TBD special – you can SEE where your donation has gone.  One blanket will make a difference to one person’s life.  It will cost you about $10 to buy a blanket.  Maybe you have one in good condition in your laundry cupboard?

Please help to keep Zimbabwe warm this winter.

Thank you


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