#MustRead List – 22 Feb 2013

Posted on 23/02/2013


This week’s #MustRead List: –

Immigrants must live in Britain for a year before claiming benefits, says welfare minister

US$7 million grain stuck in Zambia 

Oscar Pistorius: tearful athlete denies murder of Reeva Steenkamp ‘in strongest terms’

Obama is right to resist the Syria hawks

In China, Families Bet It All on College for Their Children

African moms: Be patient with your unmarried daughters

Pew Study Finds Blacks and Latinos Love Instagram and Twitter

Zim distributes copies of draft constitution

Tsvangirai, Mugabe agree on generals

Graphic: In his own words – How Oscar Pistorius Killed Reeva Steenkamp

Zambia: troubled Chinese coal mine loses licence

Two bloggers to be arrested over hate speech

Happy Birthday, President Mugabe

How could Africa use China to spur economic development?

Robert Mugabe’s last throw?

Disappearing diamonds

Five Countries To Watch

Foreign election officials watch U.S. democracy at work

Zim’s upcoming poll in disarray

Why tech innovators are Africa’s future