#263Chat Homework on the Road to Zim Elections

Posted on 12/02/2013


This #263Chat topic was inspired by a twitter conversation I gate-crashed last week regarding the next Zim elections. Before I gate-crashed the party, the conversation seemed to focus on events leading to and post 2008 elections and ultimately why voting wouldn’t make a difference. I obviously disagree with this stance. At this junction I stopped working and followed the conversation intently. My favourite word in December 2012 was ‘apathy’ and this is what I sensed from the conversation. Apathy doesn’t help anyone especially us – the non – politicians in this equation. Naturally I jumped in with something along the lines of ‘if you don’t vote, then you have no reason to complain after the event’. The party really kicked off after this! It was then that I realised that the #263Chat family needed a dedicated discussion on the entire process regarding voter registration and more importantly WHY we should vote in the next election.

Your homework, (should you choose to do it) is to read these articles below: –

ZEC readies for elections

Parties mobilise ‘yes’ vote

Voter turnout data for Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe Voter Registration Centres

Voters’ roll: The new battleground