My Fascination with Kenyan Politics #Debate254

Posted on 11/02/2013


Flag Map of KenyaEver since 2007, I have paid closer attention to Kenya than I ever did. I have been fortunate enough to have travelled to Kenya when I was younger and in the last few years spent a day or so in Nairobi, while I waited for another flight having missed my connecting flight. I love the place, love the people more importantly and this local beer Tusker isn’t bad at all. As an aspiring techie, I have also watched the growth of their tech scene in admiration.

I have always advocated that us Zimbabweans learn from our brothers and sisters next door instead of rushing to our distance cousins across the seas for help. Today something quite extraordinary is taking place in Kenya. I urge fellow Zimbabweans to take notice, watch and learn as Kenya takes another few steps towards their 2013 elections. Increasingly it is becoming apparent that national televised debates are imperative for the citizens of their respective countries. Amongst other things and in this case, it allows the Kenyan citizens to see how each presidential candidate lines up against the others, and ultimately helps citizens compare notes on policy and agenda before their much anticipated elections. Their Presidential Debate is taking place today at 7pm Kenyan Time. The candidates involved are: –

I am truly fascinated by the Kenyan political journey to the elections given the atrocities of 2007 and the Daniel arap Moi era.

The Presidential Debate will be shown on here: –

Capital FM

You Tube Kenya Elections

I hope Zimbabweans and indeed the rest of Africa is watching tonight.

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