Culture Shift Zimbabwe – Creative Enterprise Challenge: British Council Zimbabwe

Posted on 07/02/2013


A wave of digital innovation is currently seeping Africa and at the same time, causing a sea change in the conventional thinking on the role of technology, innovation, creative economies and development. Culture Shift Zimbabwe will challenge both entrepreneurs to find creative new ways to benefit from the digital shift and respond to local market challenges as well explore unexploited opportunities. The program will enable entrepreneurs to bypass what are often the most inhibiting factors in the progression of good ideas -access to capital and business mentorship – thus allowing them to be better positioned to drive long-term development, which locally owned and initiated

Target Audience
We are looking for talented geeks who are passionate about art, culture and creativity in Zim and talented artists and cultural professionals who are interested in digital technology and what it can do for you or your organisation. We don’t expect the cultural agents to have a good understanding of digital technology, we are seeking people with passion and ideas.

How it will work
The events will start with two days of ideation on the 21st and 22nd February where you will attend various workshop sessions, hear presentations, meet the very talented people that live in your local area and you will co-produce a possible digital solution to one of the many problems faced by the culture sector every day. If the judges think your team’s idea is worth investment, you will be invited to take part in the Culture Shift challenge from the 5th – 7th March, where your team might just secure a contract.

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