#263Chat Homework on Education in Zimbabwe Part A

Posted on 05/02/2013


According to today’s article in The Herald: ‘only 31 767 pupils having attained passes in five subjects out of 172 698 who sat for the public examinations. The pass rate translates to 18,4 percent, a drop from last year’s 19,5 percent.
Zimbabwe School Examinations Council director Mr. Esau Nhandara yesterday’

Social media was literally buzzing as we joined in with our various comments, questions amongst other things. This shocking statistic may be shocking to some, but having read a few articles prior to today’s announcement, I am not at all surprised. I firmly believe that we must live in 2013 and not use our previous literacy accomplishments as a basis for anything apart from establishing what we need to achieve going forward. The world we live in is changing, rapidly at that. Has our curriculum changed in line with this? The same text books I used in primary school are still in circulation right now.

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