#MustRead List – 25 Jan 2013

Posted on 25/01/2013


This is a new series, where I share my ‘must read’ weekly list.

This week, the list includes: –

Britain’s Mugabe-phobia has obscured the good news from Zimbabwe 

Map: The countries most at risk for a coup in 2013

Top 20 Tech Startups in Africa

Google’s Boss Eric Schmidt Projects Kenya As Africa’s Tech Leader

Zimbabwe elections: Why Robert Mugabe may win

American who helped plan 2008 terrorist attack on Mumbai, India, sentenced to lenient 35 years 

$1.6 Million Tech Incubation Program Launched In Kenya 

Joyce Banda: IMF’s Good Girl or a Victim of Malawi’s Economic Dependence?

5 African fashionistas you should follow on instagram now!!

A Scion Rises in India: How Rahul Gandhi Can Turn into a Political Success

Africa moving beyond ‘risky’ reputation, leaders tell Davos

Letter to Skype: Come Clean on Your Eavesdropping Capabilities and Policies 

Zimbabwe: Makoni Blasts GNUPrincipals

Uranium Rush: African resource grab behind Mali mission?