#263Chat Homework on Road Safety in Zimbabwe

Posted on 22/01/2013


Larry Kwirirayi tweeted about the high number of ‘holiday deaths’ this last Christmas break – i.e. 143 as at 27th December 2012. One word came to mind: alarming. As I digested the number, I realised that this was something we desperately needed to discuss as a collective #263Chat group. Let’s discuss why this happens and more importantly what we can do in our own lives to reduce this number.

Your homework, (should you choose to do it) is to read these articles below: –

Road Safe Zimbabwe Facebook Page

Traffic Safety Council of Zimbabwe

Mimosa in road safety drive

Take heed of safety messages, road users urged

Zimbabwe’s Roads another Pandemic

So Many Roadblocks Yet We Still Have Loads Of Road Accidents

We need educated drivers on our roads

We‘re the world’s worst drivers, OK?