I registered to vote today

Posted on 17/01/2013


Waiting for the guy to complete the process (took the photo on the sly)

Waiting for the guy to complete the process (took the photo on the sly)

Today of all days, I was determined to register to vote in the upcoming elections. I literally took all forms of identification including: –

  1. Drivers licence
  2. ID
  3. Passport

I wasn’t in the mood to allow any technicality to stop me today – not today! I also had to take a bill as ‘proof of residence’ which interestingly enough is designed to proof that I reside where I say I reside.

A few points regarding the process: –

  • The entire process literally takes less than 10 minutes if you’re not the chatty type like me;
  • It ‘might’ help you if you know which ‘ward’ you belong to. Your local municipal office should be able to give you that information with ease if you don’t already have this information handy;
  • It might help to get other details like the actual stand number as per the Harare City Council plans (just in case);
  • If you were born outside of Zimbabwe and was therefore required to ‘denounce the other citizenship’ at some point in order for you to get your Zimbabwean citizenship and therefore your current passport, then it might help to bring the actual citizenship certificate (just in case);
  • Once all the documents are completed, you walk away with no confirmation of this event (i.e. documents or a receipt) but you return in 2 weeks’ time where they should give you confirmation that you are indeed a registered voter.

Alas, this isn’t the last process. Apparently they’ll do a check later on to see amongst other things that all your details have been entered correctly in the Voter’s Roll and that you reside where you say you reside.

For now, it seems I’m one step closer to finally voting in Zimbabwe. If you haven’t registered yet, I URGE you to do so.

For details regarding your closest registration centre, please click here for more information.

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