@263Chat Homework on Unemployment in Zimbabwe

Posted on 15/01/2013


This week’s topic has already reignited many discussions on and off various social media platforms about Unemployment in Zimbabwe, and even how the investment climate has worsened things in this respect. Many have been directly affected all by this – unemployment in Zimbabwe in the last few years. We will touch on what it actually means to be unemployed in Zimbabwe. Is the local airtime lady defined as being unemployed or is she self-employed? Where do we get this 80 – 95% unemployment rate when we know that those ultimately ‘unemployed’ make a plan to feed their families, send their kids to school and so forth? Is Zimstat correct with their own estimate of 10.7%?

A friend of mine suggested killing off the Empowerment Act as a way of addressing the unemployment rate in Zimbabwe. What are your thoughts? Let’s keep talking and discussing all this during our usual #263Chat session this Tuesday.

Let’s also remember that this issue isn’t just limited to Zimbabwe alone. There are many lessons to be learnt from and for other African and developing countries.

Your homework, (should you choose to do it) is to read these articles below: –

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