@263Chat Homework on Gay Rights in Zimbabwe #263Chat

Posted on 08/01/2013


When a friend suggested we discuss this topic ‘one day’, I was quietly excited at the prospect of this discussion. Why? Well, this is precisely why I created #263Chat – to have the seemingly ‘swept under the rug’ conversations that I feel Zimbabweans must have going forward. As another friend of mine pointed out at the #263Chat Live Event last month, too often we focus so much on the fruits and neglect the roots (of the issues). I know that the topic is extremely contentious and emotions will, as I imagine, spill over. Some regular #263Chat folk may stay out of the conversations all together for fear of personal attacks and such. I understand this but I encourage those to still ‘listen in’ and contribute like they normally do. By even listening while others talk, an exchange and sharing of ideas is still taking place. We often overlook this.

I sincerely hope we are mature enough to understand why #263Chat exists and why so many have pointed out how important it has now become in their own lives. Today’s topic and subsequent discussion will test our tolerance of each other’s views. Less bigotry and more substantial arguments is most welcome today.

Your homework, (should you choose to do it) is to read these articles below: –

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