#263Chat Homework on Domestic Violence

Posted on 13/11/2012


This week’s chat is something that is very real and no doubt extremely emotional for many. I hope we can ALL approach this topic with an open mind and tolerance of other people’s opinions. In many cases (me included), we are learning about the situation from a multitude of angles. Domestic abuse is not just limited to men on women. There are issues relating to women on men, women on women and men and men. Let us really calm down, have an open mind, adhere to a higher than usual level of sensitivity during today’s #263Chat and work together to come up with tangible SOLUTIONS to this problem in our society.

Some homework now: –

Tino Katsande, boyfriend in court over abuse case

On violence

Domestic violence cases remain high — survey

Domestic Violence – Men Suffer in Silence

Let us also consider other aspects that may take place during domestic violence situations including rape and others forms of abuse.

Where can people go for help? Who should they contact? These are all issues we need to discuss as we work out the SOLUTIONS together…

Till then….