#263Chat Homework on Bullying

Posted on 06/11/2012


For today’s #263Chat please feel free to read some of these interesting yet sad stories on bullying: –

Top 10 problems Teenagers face

Suicide of Megan Meier

School Boy death, Police interview PE pupils


Shocking schools report beatings, bullying, sex abuse

Bullying Victim is Miss Teen USA

The Samora Machel Border

Chiyangwa Bullies Us – Teachers

While we ‘prepare’ for this week’s session, let’s think about a few points: –

  • What is bullying?
  • Where does bullying really stem from?
  • Please note that this #263Chat was inspired by events that took place at Prince Edward School but occur in various other places on a daily basis. I found this story very sad especially for the family involved.
  • Bullying involves other forms of abuse including sexual harassment in the workplace for example.
  • Where and when can we report bullying in and around our society? Part of the #Solution