What is #263Chat?

Posted on 30/10/2012


Earlier this year, I suggested we organise a regular informal chat on Twitter regarding our beloved – Zimbabwe. The discussion mainly revolves around Zimbabwe’s interesting past, the future but more importantly focusing on the actual solutions going forward. I’ve always felt that identifying problems is 25% of the actual issue. #263Chat is designed to focus on the important 75%. I also believe local challenges tend to require local solutions. I like the idea of crowd sourcing and #263Chat is designed to do just that. I firmly believe that Zimbabweans abroad and those in Zimbabwe can both play a vital role in Zimbabwe’s development. Talking about these issues is the first step.

How does #263Chat work?

#263Chat takes place every Tuesday at 6pm CAT/Zim time. It’s a Twitter based conversation and you need a Twitter account to contribute. We need people from all sorts of backgrounds to contribute their ideas and thoughts – these are very important. From the response thus far, it seems to me that people generally have an opinion about Zimbabwe and have some solid ideas about moving us forward.

Once logged into Twitter, please search for the #263Chat hashtag, follow the conversation and off you go. Please don’t forget to add the #263Chat hashtag to your response so others can follow the discussion. What I have also noticed each week is the increasing number of non-Zimbabweans who participate in the discussions. We welcome them too. Some of the issues raised at #263Chats might have already been solved elsewhere. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with sharing solutions!

Some people, depending on their situation, will use their phones and/or web to tweet and follow the discussion. I tend to use a combination of tweetdeck, web and my phone as I attempt to moderate the discussion (my attempt at multitasking).  It’s entirely up to you and your situation how best to participate. We just want you to participate.

If you need any help or have any queries or concerns, please contact me @SirNige directly and I’ll help you out.

Till the next #263Chat, keep well and remember ‘together we can’…