#263Chat – 2 October 2012 on Race Relations in Zimbabwe

Posted on 02/10/2012


In case you missed the discussion on Twitter earlier this evening, below are the questions/points from today’s discussion: –

Today I thought it might be best to dive straight into this contentious chat re race relations in Zim #263Chat

I was inspired by a white friend of mine, whom I haven’t met yet but someone I now consider a brother of mine. #263Chat

This topic isn’t new. Many of us have discussed, debated, and almost choked each other as we argued over this issue. #263Chat

I believe that it’s vital to bring up issues like this, becoz we discuss them anyway. This way it’s out in the open for all to join & share #263Chat

I hope that we can have an honest chat re race relations in Zim because I feel that by doing this; we have taken a small step forward #263Chat

We hear many white Zimbos complain/comment re land reform etc. Do we all understand why & how it’s an issue not only to them? #263Chat

I believe the land reform & now this Empowerment Act heightens emotions overall. Little open convo about it tho.Why is that? #263Chat

I am engaged on Twitter on a daily basis with fellow #Twimbos & I don’t see many White Zimbos with me.Why is that? #263Chat

My brother, the white guy I mentioned, says it’s because the discussion is often about blaming THEM for the economic status quo #263Chat

Why would you join a #Twimbo conversation if you were perceived to be the enemy amongst your own people? #263Chat

Can I really blame Susan & her fam now 4 my lack of wealth/land when Susan inherited it from her great granddad back then? #263Chat

The discussion started shortly after the above-mentioned tweets. To follow the actual conversation, please ‘search’ for the #263Chat hashtag while logged into twitter or go through my timeline – @sirnige

Some take home points: –

@sirnige ‘I think we need to focus on what unites us rather than what divides us.Division is too easy.Unity is real graft’

@larrykwirirayi: ‘want to get to a point where if a white man comes from Brussels me & the white Zimbabwean sing from the same sheet dealing with him#263Chat

@taffy_malone82 ‘#263Chat education can be harnessed to harmonise ethnic relations. Every child should learn at list 2 native languages up to ZJC’

@ConnorMconnor: ‘#263chat yes we are all diffetent colours, but being Zimbo should be a common goal not race party tribe.’

@TonySylver ‘Beloved community is formed not by the eradication of difference but by its affirmation. Let’s celebrate our diversity. #263Chat

@Seewitt ‘#263Chat change has start with deep within ourselves. Are you as an individual willing to change for your benefit and of those around you??’

@SirNige ‘Dear #263Chat , can we all agree on some things: 1)Talking about this is healthy & necessary 2) We need to move on/forward #Twimbos

Please feel free to share this #263Chat session with others and continue to have the conversation after the #263Chat sessions. Comments and feedback are most welcome. Please remember the idea is to invoke something within, keep the conversation on-going but most importantly find solutions to our problems & challenges.Together we can…

Till next time…