#263Chat – 25 September 2012 re 5 Different Questions

Posted on 25/09/2012


In case you missed the discussion on Twitter earlier this evening, below are the questions from today’s discussion: –

1)      #Q1 What steps should be taken to ensure women in Zimbabwe are afforded more opportunities in society in general? #263Chat

2)      #Q2 Given what is happening in East Africa for example, what do we need to do in Zim in create & nurture our tech hub/incubators? #263Chat

3)      #Q3 Given Zim’s exploits in sports this year, isn’t it time to really promote sport as a national priority? Pls discuss ur ideas   #263Chat

4)      #Q4 A lack of law & order resulting in corruption is hindering Zim’s development. Will this trend ever stop? If so, how? #263Chat

5)      #Q5 Apart from @Welshman_Ncube’s constitution updates, what do we REALLY understand abt constitution & what it means to our lives? #263Chat

Please feel free to share this with others and continue to have the conversation. Comments and feedback are most welcome.