Zimbabwe Warriors Recent Defeat Against Guinea

Posted on 07/06/2012


Guinea came to Zimbabwe last week to play us in a world cup soccer qualifier. In summary we lost the game 1:0. The ‘why did we lose’ question always comes up especially after games like this. It’s almost like we expect to simply win the home game and eventually lose the away game. Certain sections of the fans typically start calling for the coach’s head. I was involved in conversation on Twitter on Sunday night where I pointed out that our main reason for these defeats is down to our lack of youth development. Maybe what I should have also pointed out is this is one of the symptoms of the inherent system we have in Zimbabwe. What we actually lack in my opinion is simple organisation and planning.

Soccer isn’t the only international sport Zimbabwe is involved in. We have other sports like cricket, rugby, running, swimming to name a few. I applaud David Coltart’s role in our current government. However, I now believe it is time we divide his ministry (Minister of Education, Sport, Arts and Culture) into 2 ministries to give it the appropriate focus it desperately requires. We have often heard of ZIFA’s financial woes and how the Warriors regularly require a financial bailout for various international trips. We know it’s expensive to have players based all over the world in camp for lengthy periods due to amongst other things, expensive hotel bills and so forth. How about we build a Sports Facility where we can house the various Zimbabwean teams when they are actually in camp? A Sports Facility complete with training rooms, gym, swimming pool, accommodation, fully functional kitchen and so forth. Imagine how much money we would have saved had we done this say in 2000? You understand where I’m going with this right? Essentially it’s a facility where various teams can stay and properly prepare for their games. I heard on the news the other day that the Zimbabwean Cricket Team has been in camp now for about a month. When was the last time the Warriors were in camp for that period? When? Perhaps our lack of adequate preparation was our reason for our loss on Sunday? It must be difficult to quantify why and how we lost especially after the game but I believe we must take stock of situations like this and plan forward. I only hope that ZIFA has a long term plan.

Till the next game…

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