Rwanda again?

Posted on 23/02/2012


If you’re like me, you’ve been watching the news every day and the situation in Syria gets worse and worse it seems. Incidentally I also remember the first time I watched the movie Hotel Rwanda. I kept wondering where the world was when all those atrocities were taking place. Did we just simply ignore Rwanda? We couldn’t have done that could we? Today, I came home and finally understood where the world was back then when Rwanda was on fire. Simply put, the rest of the world continued living, the reporters travelled and reported on their version of reality and yet the world at large stood by and ignored the situation. How misguided is our moral compass when we can still continue existing in our own lives? It seems we have chosen to simply ignore what’s happening in Syria while we wait for some UN resolution or some referendum the Syrian government promised the same people they’re killing today.  Men, women and children continue to die in daily conflict in cities like Homs? What is wrong with us I ask? I am not a politician but it seems to me that we spend more time and effort attempting to stop Iran from developing their nuclear programme than handling real conflicts in places like Syria. I have slowly come to the conclusion that our moral compass must indeed be off the charts and we simply don’t care anymore; either that or we never really did.

I could be wrong…