Julius Malema on Carte Blanche

Posted on 20/11/2011


Last Sunday I arrived home just in time for the Julius interview on Carte Blanche. I’ve always been fascinated by this individual if I’m being honest. I even wrote about how Zimbabwe needed a Julius Malema. Some disagreed with me however many in my opinion never actually read the entire blog to fully understand where I was actually going with this. Irrespective of your own opinion of the man, we have to agree that he seems to engage us in a discussion of some sort – whether the topic is controversial or not. Sadly, more often than not it is often unnecessarily controversial. My biggest issue with the man is neither his wealth nor how he acquired it, although I agree that we have to look into that at some point in the near future. The main issue has more to do with the fact that a Julius Malema even exists in the new South Africa. His following indicates that he represents a large group of people disenfranchised by the system or simply put; they haven’t experienced the benefits of Madiba’s Rainbow Nation. This particular issue gravely concerns me especially with movements like Occupy Wall Street looming in the background. I believe instead of focusing on other issues relating to Juju’s personal life, we should instead focus on some of the issues he has raised thus far. We should be asking ourselves questions like:

  • What issues do Julius and his followers have?
  • What can the relevant South African leaders do to address those concerns in real terms?

In my opinion it would be a grave mistake to simply dismiss Julius and his followers. We wouldn’t want the gap between those who have and those who haven’t to widen any further than it has already. Until we learn to sit down and finally address some of economic and social issues Julius shares, there will always be a Julius Malema – just a different name with a somewhat different agenda.

By the way – the uncut version of the interview is found here

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