Why We Love Zimbabwe….

Posted on 15/11/2011


‘I could be here an hour but I’ll be brief:
Zimbabwe gave people in an intrinsic sense of belief in possibility of self. Even in its most challenging days Zimbos carry the tenacity and self belief of “YES I CAN” to see through adversity and challenge ourselves to realize bigger and better days.
Hard to be that SIR!’ – Shingi

‘Mpunga unedovi nechicken stew’ – DB

‘We are, we are can’t you see. We are, we are can’t you guess. We are, we are ZIMBABWE’ – Thompson

The creativity of the Zimbabwean people as indicated above

‘It is the home of SirNige’ – Adrian

‘I love Zim because of the way we respect our elders. Being out here in the west I find the lack of respect to be disgusting…So yeah thats one of the reasons I love Zim.’ – Sister Shami

‘The people, more than anything else! So warm & friendly, so positive & resilient. The weather is great too, 10months of summer is nothing to sneeze at. Ours is a beautiful country, from the serene grandeur of the Eastern Highlands to the inspirational marvel of Great Zimbabwe to the oh-so-mighty Victoria Falls, beauty abounds everywhere! What’s there not to love? :)’ – Tichaona Chitsinde

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