Guest Post – What I Love About Zimbabwe – and Why I Came Back by MsFuzzyhead

Posted on 01/11/2011


The feeling of the oppressive heat as a thunderstorm builds up
The release when it rains
The sun – when it rises, when it constantly shines, when it sets,
The sound of jacarandas crunching underfoot, or under-wheel,
The trees, in bloom, purple, red, yellow – fiercely African.
The taste of the earth’s bounty – sun-drenched fruit, sweet vegetables
Fish caught in innocence, eaten in delight.
The time everyone takes to ask how you are – and truly listen to the answer
The sounds of camaraderie, of laughter, communion
Hands held down the street, clasped in greeting
The smile around every corner, down every road
The land, the people, the feeling I have that I’m truly

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Posted in: Africa, Inspiration, Women, Zim