The ‘Why I love Zimbabwe’ Series

Posted on 29/10/2011


Sometime last year I wrote a blog about rebranding Zimbabwe. I felt like I poured out my heart about Zimbabwe and my love for her beautiful soul. Sadly a few months after this, I felt like I had done very little about rebranding Zimbabwe till about a few months ago. You see, I wasn’t entirely sure how I was going to play my small role in helping to rebrand our beloved country. After all, I am no branding expert – I just a mere blogger with (and I quote) ‘a domain name and a funk sounding nickname’ (not even my words). What could I possibly do about this overwhelming situation? I was discussing this issue with someone in July who then reminded me that this very blog is actually playing some small role already. I was humbled to be honest. I had never thought about it like that before. I was reminded that you don’t even have to have a blog or a twitter account. It’s the simple things really. It all starts with you and your network of friends and family. It starts with the way you discuss Zimbabwe and what you say. Are you speaking about Zimbabwe armed with knowledge or are you simply regurgitating the typical negativity that usually revolve around our beloved? Think about it.

Following that discussion I started what I like to call the ‘Why I love Zimbabwe…’ Series in an attempt to illustrate and share why I continue to love this country. I have since resorted to blogging at least 1 article per week usually a photo and a small description. This then forces me to really think about what it is that I truly love about Zimbabwe that particular week. Sometimes it’s hard to be honest. I get home after a long day at work and Mr ZESA decided not to come home with me so I wander off in search of my substitute best friend – Mr Generator and in typical Zim fashion – I’ve made a plan. Despite all this, because let’s face it, some of the challenges we face in Zimbabwe today are not permanent, we’ll figure it out like we always do.

I digress.

So naturally I was discussing the ‘Why I love Zimbabwe…’ Series with Mrs SirNige the other day. I guess in short, I was looking for inspiration and other ideas I hadn’t thought of. She came up with a brilliant idea I must say! Mrs SirNige suggested that I should share the ‘Why I love Zimbabwe…’ Series with others. So….let’s make this interactive and please feel free to share why you love Zimbabwe. What is it about Zim that induces those nostalgic feelings for example? What makes you love this Zimbabwe of ours despite everything we’re going through? I urge you to please send me an email: sirnigelsjourney [at] yahoo [dot] com and please tell me why YOU love Zimbabwe. We’ll share the reasons with others and perhaps in the process incite something within that reminds us all why we love this country.

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