Archbishop Desmond Tutu’s recent rant

Posted on 05/10/2011


Whilst I don’t proclaim to be an ‘expert’ on South Africa and/or its foreign policy, I feel I must say something in light on the recent rant by our beloved Archbishop Desmond Tutu. I don’t want to necessarily comment on the Dalai Lama’s visa application as I feel this is a matter for the South African Government to address. I’m sure that this will occur in due course.

However, I would like to note that this particular statement: ‘Our government is worse than the apartheid government because at least you would expect it with the apartheid government’ is very unfortunate to say the least.In light of what happened yesterday, I believe our beloved Archbishop Tutu owes an apology to the victims and the many families whose lives were unfortunately affected in any way possible by the actions of the apartheid government and that subsequent era. How dare he trivialise the lives of those who died by comparing his 80th birthday party to that struggle? Let us not forget how dark those days were for the people of South Africa. Let us never forget!

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