Michael Sata’s Inauguration Speech

Posted on 01/10/2011


It’s official!! I am now obsessed with Zambia more so now post elections. I firmly believe our beloved Zimbabwe could learn a thing or two from their recent experiences. Once again, why go so far away to learn from our distant cousins across the oceans when we can learn from our brothers and sisters just across the border? 

I spoke to various people when the final Zambian Election result was announced. Some of those same people conveyed their fears especially because of Michael Sata and his ‘fondness’ for Mugabe. As if Sata had overheard our conversation, he threw a curve ball and announced Dr Guy Scott as his Vice President. By the way, in case you didn’t know – Dr Scott is white. Those same people are now wondering who this Dr Guy Scott chap is. Here’s some information on Dr Scott right here and here.

Finally here’s President Michael Sata Inauguration Speech

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