Overheard – Zimbabwe Now vs. Zimbabwe Pre – Independence

Posted on 09/06/2011


A few weeks ago I was at a fuel station filling up the car with as much fuel as my twenty dollar bill could get me when I overheard 2 young men speaking about our beloved – Zimbabwe. I was intrigued initially because of the passionate way they were both expressing themselves, but also because of the actual content and their openness. In my mind, these 2 guys were no more than say 20 years of age and yet their conversation centred on Zimbabwe Now versus Zimbabwe Pre – Independence. They both discussed the hardships they were facing in firstly securing employment which they both had achieved and secondly managing the frequently tight household budget. They were also complaining that even though Zimbabwe was independent, they still faced the uphill struggle of purchasing products and services in shops along First Street in Harare. They continued to point out that their salaries only confined them to making purchases downtown where the masses shopped (literal translation). Bearing all these things in mind, one of the guys finally concluded that ‘life under Smith was much better’ (literal translation) than it is now. They argued that even ‘getting married was too expensive these days’ (literal translation) and that their lives would not improve in the near future.

I’ve been thinking about that conversation ever since then.

Aluta Continua…

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