‘Typical’ Lobola List

Posted on 01/06/2011


This is the first series in this ongoing Lobola discussion. I desperately wanted to write about this pertinent issue after various and often heated discussions both on and off Twitter & Facebook. For too long, there has been a massive grey cloud over this tradition especially amongst those living beyond the borders but more importantly amongst young men and women in my own generation. The current practice has left many confused, frustrated and upset with the typical lobola practices that are currently going on. I have also gathered that part of the misconception about this practice has resulted from situations that probably turned sour during and/or after the actual ceremony.  I leave it here for now but will detail below an example of a recent Lobola checklist used earlier this year.

A Typical Shona Lobola Checklist

A)     Roora

–          Ndiro

–          Kupinda mumusha

–          Vhura muromo

–          Sunungura homwe

–          Dare

–          Matekenya ndebvu

–          Chiuchiro

–          Makandidzwanani

B)      Zvamai

–          Mafukidza dumbu

–          Hotamiro

–          Mbariro

–          Bvuri

–          Mwenje

–          Kunhonga musikana

C)      Pasuru

D)     Rusambo

E)      Dangarababa

–           X(insert a figure) live beasts (dzemunongedzo)

F)      Majasi  –

–          baba (1 x suit) (1 x shoes) (1x shirt) (1 x hat) (1 x umbrella) (1 x overcoat)

–          Amai TBA

G)     Masungiro

–          Mudya

–          Mbudzi  a) yamai b) yemusha c) yababa

–          Mombe yechishava

–          Mombe yemusungiro

If applicable: Mhosva (Damage)

Please note that the information detailed above is only guide. There are variations depending on tribe and/or region.

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