Overheard – Toll gate

Posted on 20/05/2011


Picture this: –

  1. Ben – Truck Driver
  2. Tom – Tollgate Officer
  3. Jerry – Tollgate Officer
  4. Tendai – Tollgate Officer
  5. Farai – Tollgate Officer
  6. Terrance – Police Officer

Ben is a truck driver for a certain Harare based company. Ben often makes deliveries to Chegutu. Chegutu is approximately 110kms from Harare. He passes through this particular toll gate on the way there. Truck drivers pay a toll gate of $5 each way. Ben has $10 on him that day. So, on his way to Chegutu he pays the $5. Tom is the toll gate officer who deals with Ben as he passes this toll gate on his way to Chegutu. As Tom hands Ben the $5 receipt for the truck, he casually asks him if he is returning to Harare that day (you will see why later).

Ben arrives in Chegutu, empties the truck, picks up another consignment and makes his way back to Harare. This time Jerry speaks to Ben and remembers that Ben passed through this toll gate earlier on that day. Jerry asked Ben to simply give him the toll gate receipt from the previous journey. Ben is then allowed to drive through without paying. Ben is thrilled as he has just scored an unexpected $5. His wife will be thrilled I’m sure! Jerry then uses the receipt for another unsuspecting truck driver. So the toll gate crew is now made an extra $5 from a used receipt. In total, the tax department has lost $10 in that whole transaction.

So the entire toll gate crew including the police officer run this transaction all day long with the official tax department only receiving their share once everyone else including Terrance the police officer has had their share first.

This is based on a true story

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