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Posted on 16/02/2011


I haven’t blogged properly in almost 2 months now. And if you’re wondering why the silence – sadly and unfortunately I wasn’t kidnapped by ‘’Mugar-be’s Firing Squad’’ as reported on SKY News late last week! I simply took some time out from writing to fully appreciate and familiarise myself with my ‘new’ surroundings. I’ve moved back home now and I’ve spent the majority of my time settling in, spending time with family, networking, adjusting to my new job and dealing with the weather. Yes the weather! You must appreciate that when I left the UK, the temperature was -10 degrees and now I’m basking in typical 20 plus degrees on a daily basis. Lucky me! My body is, as you can imagine, more confused than ever! By the way, I don’t mean to show off about the 20 plus degrees either – it’s just that life is so hard for me right now!

On a more serious note though, I thought it might be more useful and effective to actually take in the reality, experience it and share my findings with people on the ground first before mouthing off and documenting my thoughts for the rest to read. One thing I have realised about my own perception of what was happening on the ground prior to my move home is that, too often I politicised things way too much. You see, my previous perception of what was happening in Zimbabwe was constantly dictated by the typical news headlines we often read, which more often than not are headlines solely focused on the coalition government and the various battles therein. Right Now, I couldn’t honestly tell you if Tsvangirai, Mugabe or Mutambara are actually in the country or if they attended the last cabinet meeting. I don’t really care to be honest. Now my main focus revolves around the various staff I manage and their welfare more importantly. I worry about Sebastian’s son who just started Form 1 (high school) and if he made the right choice regarding the boarding school he sent his son. Sebastian is one of the senior members of staff at work. I worry about how HIV/AIDS will affect the overall business operation I’m involved in. I worry about ensuring we have a good mix of staff members taking into account race, tribe and more importantly gender. I have been reminded since I’ve been back just how much race and tribe influence and affect some of the business decisions many business people make. In short I have been adsorbing and living the true reality of life in Zimbabwe.

Those who personally know me will tell you that I love to talk and share ideas et al. I have SO much to discuss and share about life in this part of the world. So much is not documented properly and I am conscious that every newspaper out there has its own agenda. As a blogger and a somewhat social commentator, my agenda is very simple. My mission is to play my little and perhaps insignificant role in helping to rebrand my beloved country and continent. The end!

Till the next blog post….

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