Going back to my roots – Part (i)

Posted on 25/11/2010


Funny thing about this next chapter of my life is that it has somehow forced me to return to my roots in various facets of my life. So the other day I started thinking about the blog, its direction and where I was hoping to take it in 2011 and beyond. I stopped and thought about where I was coming from…my past.

I used to write a LOT of poetry at one stage in my life. I still write when the mood takes me there and even when I do, I don’t share like I used to anymore.I guess I prefer to just blog…

I wanted to share a few of my scribes – written at different stages of my life and inspired by various things I saw, experienced or even imagined.


I was…

I was…
thinking about how grateful I am
feeling like the luckiest man
wondering what it was you first noticed
embracing the way you remained focused

I was…
trying to visualise you and I creating a tribe
remembering all the things I no longer hide
sensing the closeness we now share
living a life once without a care

I was…
starting something I didn’t fully comprehend
turning this into something I want to keep till the end
touching the depth of your soul
engaging in a love that would take a hold

I was…
thanking God for this beautiful feeling
realising how my life now has meaning
basking in the sun of God’s glory
wondering if you would marry me

Notes: – I just wrote this one day – a few years ago now.


I ain’t moving

I ain’t moving till I’m dirt
Till then I’m here to work
Here to build
Towards a brighter tomorrow
For all my children
And those who will come thereafter
I want to ensure that there’s laughter
In all the days they shall live
And in the end I learn to give
To give back to the community
Embrace my concept of unity
Till then I ain’t moving

No one said life would be easy
I know and understand that fact
Dad said the real world would be like that
Mum said to keep the faith
And that’s what keeps me safe
Many attempts on my life will come
I ain’t moving till the battle is won
I just realised how strong my soul is
And that’s what keeps me focused
Till then I ain’t moving

It seems as though they awoke the giant in me
And that’s the way life should be
Not afraid to take on the whole lot
Not afraid to make that essential pit stop
Not afraid to even lose
Because tomorrow that giant in me will awaken once again
And my spirit will ensure that my strength will never end
Till then I ain’t moving

I ain’t moving from my block
But I’ll continue all the way to the top
And back to where I started
Growing from strength to strength
Until the very day when I stop breathing
Living each day for a principle I believe in
And to pursue the things that really matter
I want it to show especially in my character
But today I ain’t moving

I ain’t moving till we remember to love
Whilst remembering we are not the ones to judge
I ain’t moving till I feel I need to
Till the truth is finally revealed to me
And perhaps the world is blessed with my poetry
Till the day that I am free
Free to walk the earth as if it were my own sanctuary
Till mankind realises not to fight
That to win is to unite

Till then I ain’t moving

Notes: – I wrote as a reminder just in case I forgot the journey and its purpose – Unity is vital


Never knew, Never thought

Never knew love would come round my way
Never thought God really listened when I pray
Never knew an angel was watching me
Planning to share a life with me
Never thought it would be this good
Our hearts sharing mutually exclusive neighbourhoods
Never knew souls could collide
Or I would find a place for my heart to reside
Never thought I would feel so free
Free enough while she completely embraced me
Never knew I would write her poetry
Constantly wishing she was next to me
Never thought I would find love like this
God finally showed me that she does exist

Notes: – love…


Katrina eerie day

We don’t need to watch CNN eerie day
Matter of fact we don’t need to look too far
Too far from my home
We don’t need to mention cliché type places
Chechnya, Sudan, Niger, Afghanistan and our favourite – Iraq
Cholera infected water
In the world’s greatest democracy
We don’t need BBC
Two and three
What we need is subtle reality
That chick may have come and gone
But these chicks exist in different zones
Just different names
Never mind the blame game
Keep focused on the task at hand
The world map is larger than CNN will have you believe
Never mind the increase in petrol and diesel
What we need is a news channel that’s real
Katrina knocks eerie day on some doors
Ethnic cleansing disguised as wars
Often financed by neighbours engaged in scores from Elizabethan days
Tired of Sky News
“Live” reporters not assisting homelessness
Instead assisting in helplessness
Toxic water surrounded for days
Unannounced fires accompanied by gas leaks
While that girl in Niger finds it hard to speak
“Where is the doctor?
Where is my next meal coming from”?
Middle East with its usual crisis
Smug tycoons demand for increases in fuel prices
You see
It shouldn’t have taken Katrina’s effect for us to rethink
Rethink what refugee literally means?
Rethink whether the reaction was based on racial bias
Rethink our motives in life
Damnit we shouldn’t even be analysing God’s intention!
Now we’re calling it a “city of sin”
As if all those people deserved to die
You see
I’m just saying Katrina eerie day
We might call her a different name
It’s probably in a different city
Slightly different country
But disaster and devastation occurs across the globe eerie day
We simply choose to switch channels instead

Notes: – Written after Katrina


Blessed am I

Blessed am I
For the gift of life
For the possibility that one day I might even have a wife
For the tribulations that eventually result in victory
For the strength I need for those that lie before me

Blessed am I
For all my friends and my whole family
For the love they give and for continuously supporting me
I know that some days I may cause them pain
I ask for forgiveness and I’ll never do it again

Blessed am I
For the chance to be educated
I often think about those who didn’t make it
For the quality of food that I choose to eat
For the choices I make and a voice with which to speak

Blessed am I
For my God that resides within my soul
For blessing me with a gift as I share with you all
For the strength, courage and wisdom to carry on
Especially at times when the days seem too long

Blessed am I
For having both parents who lovingly raised us
Instilling values like love, respect and trust
For a mother who showed me courage isn’t in the roar
And a father who taught me about karma and respect for the law

Blessed am I
For the little that I own
For my safe haven, a place I call my home
Where my future wife and I will one day raise our family
I pause and I realise God has already blessed me 

Notes: – Be grateful for what you have right now


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