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Posted on 20/11/2010


Football is one of my other full-time passions. Anyone who truly knows me will tell you this. I am one of the ‘biggest’ Manchester United supporters out there. I have followed my beloved team for years and I am also a proud owner of a signed football (the whole team including Cantona, Giggs, Becks and others) from the 1996/1997 team. The location of this prized possession remains a secret of course. A few weeks ago, I walked into my local pub and sat at my usual spot and ordered my usual pint of beer. The crowd and the bar staff know me; not because I’m a famous blogger or anything. I’m usually the guy shouting at the TV and/or celebrating/commiserating with my other ‘ManUtd Crew’ but more importantly because I tend to be the only ‘African’ in that pub. Read more

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