An announcement: I want to go home? – post

Posted on 18/10/2010


‘So you want to do what Nige’?

‘Yes you heard me! I’m planning on going back home next year…’

‘But why Nige? Bob’s not dead yet and who knows what will happen with that Zim economy? Wait a minute Nige, are your papers in order’?

I chuckle and promptly respond.

‘I travel often don’t I? Of course my visa is fine silly.’

I had several of these kinds of conversations before my own friends started to really believe. All I wanted to do was simply go home. In my own head my beloved Zimbabwe had been waiting patiently for my return and it was now time to fulfil a promise I made when I left home initially. It’s not like anything was seriously wrong with my situation here. I had a good job, very nice apartment, travelled regularly and had a good close-knit group of friends. I know a big part of me just wanted to be closer to the family. Then of course my good friend and brother Shingi and I were working on a business which, when launched is based in Zimbabwe (more details of that as we journey over the next few months). So naturally my life took an interesting direction and I was now announcing this very decision to that good close-knit group of friends I mentioned earlier. Read more

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