Black History Month

Posted on 03/10/2010


I just remembered
A time when I am just black
Just one month this year

I wrote this haiku in 2007 at a poetry joint in Detroit. I actually won the competition that night. Even back then I knew that this concept of having one month to honour black people just didn’t sit well with me at all.

I am a black man throughout all the days of the year. Please don’t honour me for just 31 days of the year. Honour me every day and in every way. Please don’t clutch your handbag when you see me walking towards you or cross the street just to avoid me. It’s alright to make eye contact, nod or even acknowledge my presence. I’m probably headed to or back from work when we meet…matter of fact the other day I was off to a café with a good book in hand. Just so you know, I want absolutely nothing from you except a little respect all the days of the year.

Happy Black History Month to those who still believe that one month is all we deserve.

Aluta Continua….


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