Size doesn’t matter after all

Posted on 15/09/2010


I learnt a great lesson last week – size doesn’t matter. Instead of jumping in and writing about Pastor Terry Jones  and his plan to burn the Koran, I decided to take a step back and simply watch from afar. I was curious I have to admit. I honestly didn’t think he could pull it off.  I figured some organisation like the FBI et al would sit down and have a ‘chat’ with Pastor Jones ‘one on one’. Alas, this didn’t seem to happen or maybe it did?

So in brief, Pastor Terry Jones in Gainesville Florida decided to call others to burn the Koran. When I first heard this story, I thought it was joke until the major mainstream media sources started running the story. I couldn’t believe that this pastor with a congregation of approximately 50 people was having such an effect on what was otherwise a rather quiet week leading up to 9/11 events in the US. See, size doesn’t matter – 50 people in his congregational versus the 1.4 billion Muslims worldwide. It just takes one of these individuals to remind us how fragile or sensitive this issue really is.

I’m saddened by many aspects of this story. How can anyone think that it’s perfectly normal to burn such an important book? What happened to religious and cultural tolerance? I am a Christian but even I know and can appreciate the significance of the Koran. What irks me most I suppose is the fact that this person isn’t just a Christian like me but a Pastor in a community. What does it say about the community he represents and those who appointed him I wonder?


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