The Future of Zimbabwe Summit – 16th Sept 2010 Jburg South Africa

Posted on 07/09/2010


08.30:  Registration and refreshments

09.00:  Chairman’s welcome
Adam Roberts, News Editor, The Economist

09.05:  The Economist Group briefing: scenarios for Zimbabwe
Xan Smiley, Middle East and Africa Editor, The Economist

  • The future of the power-sharing government
  • What current policies are likely to mean for future economic development
  • Key players: the roles of South Africa, China and the UK
  • When will Zimbabwe be rebuilt? How long will the brain drain last?
  • The structure of the economy and the potential for future development
  • Are there relevant case studies from elsewhere in Africa?

09.30:  Keynote address
Morgan Tsvangirai, Prime Minister of Zimbabwe

10.45:  Refreshment break

11.05:  The long-term outlook for Zimbabwe: reconstruction and risks

  • What is the timeline for economic recovery?
  • Assessing the country’s reconstruction needs
  • Potential in key sectors: mining, agriculture, tourism
  • When will there be significant new FDI beyond the mining sector?
  • Zimbabwe’s future role in the southern African economy

Panellists include:
July Ndlovu, Executive Head: Processing, Anglo Platinum
René Snyman, Managing Director, sub-Saharan Africa, Beckman Coulter
Admassu Tadesse, Group Executive
, Development Bank of Southern Africa

12.05:  Human capital and the brain drain

  • How severe has the brain drain been and is there any realistic prospect of reversal?
  • What role can the Zimbabwean diaspora play in rebuilding the country and developing local capacities?
  • Will foreign investment help to develop Zimbabwe’s human resources—and when is the right time?

Panellists include:
Kamel Abdallah, Chief Executive Officer, Rani Investment-Aujan Group
John Legat, Chief Executive, Imara Asset Management Zimbabwe
Trevor Ncube, Executive Deputy Chairman, Mail and Guardian

13.00:  Lunch

14.00:  Agriculture and food security

  • Repairing the agricultural sector; what needs to change?
  • Balancing urban and rural food provision; the roles of aid agencies and the private sector
  • The future of land policy and property rights
  • Dealing with drought and climate change
  • How could Zimbabwe become a breadbasket again?
  • Should Zimbabwe grow GM crops for export to markets like Brazil and China?

Panellists include:
Blessing Karumbidza, Fellow, Tshwane University of Technology
Carlman Moyo, Regional Director, DuPont sub-Saharan Africa
Sam Moyo, Executive Director, African Institute for Agrarian Studies
John Worsley-Worswick, Justice for Agriculture

15.00:  South Africa’s relations with Zimbabwe

  • How are relations changing under President Jacob Zuma?
  • Does South Africa benefit from Zimbabwe’s problems?
  • South African investment in Zimbabwe: trends, impact and challenges
  • Assessing the impact of Zimbabwean migrants on South Africa’s economy—and what this means for bilateral relations
  • Farm seizures and the implications for the bilateral investment treaty

Panellists include:
Kuseni Dlamini, Chief Executive Officer, Old Mutual South Africa
Heidi Holland, Journalist and author of
Dinner with Mugabe
Sabelo Ndlovu-Gatsheni, Assistant Professor, University of South Africa

16.00:  Refreshment break

16.20:  The ethics of investment: is it the time right to invest in Zimbabwe?

  • What are the ethical issues around investing in Zimbabwe?
  • Are foreign businesses doing more harm than good?
  • How are the relations between the EU and Zimbabwe likely to evolve?
  • Do targeted sanctions have any impact on the economy or is this just a red herring?
  • Reputational risk, corruption and compliance

Panellists include:
Conze Albrecht, German Ambassador to Zimbabwe
Andrew Cranswick, Chief Executive Officer, African Consolidated Resources
Tawanda Nyambirai, Group Chief Executive, TN Holdings
Khadija Sharife, Journalist and author of
Aid to Africa: Redeemer or Coloniser?

17.20:  Q&A with Zimbabwean Government Ministers
Elton Mangoma, Minister of Energy and Power Development
Tapiwa Mashakada, Minister of Economic Planning and Investment Promotion

18.30:  Chairman’s closing remarks 

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