The IMF and the mid-term review of Zimbabwe Finance Minister Tendai Biti

Posted on 20/08/2010


I have spoken about the potential of Zimbabwe for some time now and will continue to do so. Despite the reactions of some in my social circle for example, I continue to argue my point – Zimbabwe’s economy is on the way up albeit slower than we anticipated. I fear that our emotions at times cloud the reality and discourage others. 

This video found its way into my hands just 2 days ago. If you have the time (and I suggest you make the time), it is definitely a ‘must see’ video. What we have here is Percy Takunda from Imara Asset Management who simplifies and paints the Zimbabwean economic scenario in a language that I believe most will understand i.e. little complex jargon with great use of simple facts and examples. The guest speaker makes a very valid point regarding the cost of entry and indeed some under-priced assets in Zimbabwe. 

I stumbled across this article as well: – Zimbabwean Economy’s Size May Be Double IMF Estimate, Imara’s Legat Says  

Vodpod videos no longer available.




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