Synovate’s ‘The Digital Divide’ Report on Internet Usage in Kenya

Posted on 18/08/2010


I’ve been following the IT development in Kenya for some time now. The growth is impressive to say the least. I just read that the iPhone 4 is to make its debut in Kenya on the 4th November this year. More info here.
The Digital Divide Report: – This document below makes for an interesting read.
‘Synovate’s ‘The Digital Divide’ Report on Internet Usage in Kenya – Interesting stats:
If internet become faster, 27% will communicate/socialise more with friends and relatives, 21% increase duration of surfing the net, 21% will download more games, music, videos and software.
Pay attention to internet adverts – 62% of 18-24years, 59% of 25-34years, 41% of 35-44years’. Get the full report here: – TheDigitalDivide.  Source: – More info here